Department of French

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

Postgraduate Courses

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M.A. French


The postgraduate programmes of the Department of French will cater for M.A./Ph.D Degrees, all of which are based on research.

M.A/Programmes will be offered as full-time courses. The period of studies will be 4 semesters made up of a – 2 semesters course work, followed by a 2 – semester research, the result of which will be a thesis to be externally examined

The Programmes to be offered are as follows:

  • M.A. French Literature
  • M.A. Francophone Negro-African Literature
  • M.A. Francophone Caribbean Literature
  • M.A. Language and Linguistics
  • M.A. Comparative Literature
  • M.A. Translation Studies
  • M.A. Francophone African Politics

Admission Requirement:

Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s (BA Honours Degree) in French, with a grade not lower than Second Class Lower (2.2) Honours from recognized universities.

Graduation Requirement:

  • Course Work
  • Research
  • Examination.

Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
FRNC801 Research Methodology and Criticism 3 First Semester
FRNC802 Research organization, Approach and Conduct 3 Second Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester

PhD French


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Degree Programme to be offered by the Department of French is entirely a Research programme and involves also Seminars, preceded by a Proposal made by the candidate in front of the Departmental audience. The programme is capped by the submission an defense o the research result presented as Dissertation to be examined in a Viva by an external Assessor/Examiner.

The Programmes to be offered are as follows:

  • Ph.D French Literature
  • Ph.D Francophone Negro African Literature
  • Ph.D Francophone Caribbean Literature
  • Ph.D Language and Linguistics
  • Ph.D Comparative Literature
  • Ph.D Translation Science
  • Ph.D Francophone African Politics
  • Ph.D French (Translation)

Admission Requirements:

  • Candidate must have a good M. Phil. Degree or its equivalent in French from recognized University or Institution of Higher Learning.
  • Candidate with MA Degree from other University will be required to spend the first year taking and passing the entire Course Work or our MA Programme, and presenting Two (2) Seminar Papers, before end of the 1st year.

Graduation Requirements:

In order to graduate, Ph.D candidates must have presented and passed all their Seminars including their Proposal, and successfully accomplish and defend before an External Examiner a Research Dissertation in conformity with the statuses o the Postgraduate School.

Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester